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All visitors of have rated as the best vendor for targeted website traffic of 2018, 2019 & is now the first choice of thousands of webmasters for promotion of their websites. Congratulations! considers itself as one of the cheapest online marketplace which starts from $5. Through their platform, customers can find anyone who will do just about any type of work for them. Their website’s user interface is actually very simple – customers just have to type in the service they are looking for and wait for users who can do the job, with corresponding prices. There are also some tasks which are already categorised accordingly. This includes graphic and design, music and audio and writing and translation. Under these categories are more specific errands which you would want other to do for you.

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 by Erik
I no longer love Fiverr because....

I used to love Fiverr and used it regularly to get various tasks done. Now, there are very few gigs that are actually $5 and there's no way to filter for these. Why bother calling it Fiverr anymore? In addition, Fiverr now charges a $2.75 service fee for every gig, which is almost the equivalent of a 60% surcharge. They even apply the service fee to tips. There are some fantastic freelancers on Fiverr. However, I hate the direction that Fiverr has gone.

 by Anton M.
Disabled my account without giving any warning

I had opened an account for the first time in fiverr . And I also had my first order from that account , they disabled my account because they thought that I have violated their terms which is totally a false accusation. And didn’t give my cash $ 250 back on my account instead they disabled it . When I am sending mail for getting my money back, they don’t give any satisfactory answer regarding my problem . Bad online website I have ever withness in my life !!!

 by Brian M.

Seller didn't deliver my order and took my money. Fiverr still defends seller and take a cut of the stolen money. Avoid!

 by Elian S.
Waste of Money 🙁

First and foremost communication is very difficult. Most freelancers barely speak English and misunderstand key parts of the request or discussion. Secondly, Fiverr allows a freelancer to submit an invalid link to a cloud storage system and the freelancer can claim they submitted within the deadline. Although the buyer did not receive anything.

Another major issue is the time difference. Freelancers submit projects in the evening and on weekends, and Fiverr starts the clock when they do. I had a project sent to me Friday evening and Fiverr required a response by Monday, otherwise, they considered the project complete.

I've submitted issues to customer service and was told that although I paid extra for expedited service, that a project submitted with an invalid link is valid. To make things worse, I contacted the freelancer and he didn't correct it until 4 hours later. It was now evening and the content I needed for a presentation the next morning arrived at 7:30 pm. Not to mention the quality of the project was PATHETIC. I wasted hours trying to explain to the freelancer and Fiverr and in the end, I lost $156, numerous hours and I did not have the content for my presentation.

 by Kalafat
They treat freelancers like slaves

They treat freelancers like slaves, they cancel orders without any autorizations from freelancers. And they take buyers as their first priority when it comes to disputes.

 by Janet
Very bad and fraudulent service

Very bad and fraudulent service. They are very unfair to the buyers. If you make a complaint or cancel an order because you were lied to by a seller about their skills for the job they skim over it and focus on what you have done wrong by complaining. I had a very aggressive and rude seller and when i complained fiverr did not acknowledge how i was bullied in return they told me off for being rude??? Very one sided and its starting to feel like fiverr are secretly knowingly allowing bullying and scammers on their site and dont like it when you expose their sellers. Beware of the 5 star ratings on the sellers profile they are fake. The problem is, you cant leave a negative review unless you allow the seller to take your money first then you can leave a review. Alot of them do not speak English and say they have 20 years experience as an image editor and you spend a whole week back and forth with revisions. I had one person from India who said they could do the job and I am now 4 days in and have sent back the same revisions 8 times. Be very aware. This fiverr has cleverly set themselves up to make money and operate in a way that a scammer could. Is fiverr a scam? I think underneath it all in a very clever polished way...YES because as a buyer you will always lose.

 by The Nigerrian Boss
The Nigerrian SCAM is on Fiverr!

Too many "hungry" nigerians; They work in groupe and give feedback one to another; Scammy Company ...

 by Danny
This company is a joke...

This company is a joke. Save your money!!! After subscribing to multiple services, the "Freelancers" that I used falsely advertise their services. Some advertise that they can provide you with a finished product within 24 hours, AND will make numerous modifications. NOT TRUE!! They will take your money (which Fiverr gets a cut) and leave you high and dry. After multiple attempts to contact the freelancer which they ignore, they disappear from the service. Fiverr is only interested in getting their cut and could care less about YOU the customer. They will wind up in the dust bin of worthless online scams, like so many others.

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