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Seal of approval has been given seal of approval in October 14, 2016.

The seal of approval linked to this page signifies thatĀ is a current Website traffic Reviews member who has been operating in accordance with Website traffic Reviews criteria for honest, real, and professional traffic provider sites.

*************************** requires the website traffic providers to fulfill the fallowing conditions:

  • Provide only real visitors
  • Use only legal methods of advertising
  • Reveal at least some of its advertising methods
  • Provide the services offered
  • Offers customer services or contact information
  • Offer a refund in cases where the deal is canceled or the terms are not fulfilled

See the Certificate Of Approval: – WebsiteTrafficCertificate. has extensive reviews by costumers on each traffic provider in order to create transparency and allow interaction between traffic providers and customers. This visibility allows customers to choose the best traffic provider for them. While website traffic providers with the Website Traffic Review seal of approval are monitored to ensure ongoing compliance with the Website Traffic Review seal of approval conditions, Website Traffic Review cannot guarantee a provider’s compliance with our conditions, and cannot accept responsibility or liability for any dissatisfaction with website traffic provider sites.

If you have experience with, either positive or negative, please share your opinion with your fellow users at If you believeĀ has failed to uphold the required criteria or rectify any mistakes it has made, please post your observations in the review section of site name, so they can respond.

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